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Eisley "Defeatist" Cinemagraph Shoot // Ormond Beach, FL

When I was contacted about making a cinemagraph for Eisley's acoustic version of the song "Defeatist" I, 1.  was really frickin' excited because I love the band Eisley and 2. instantly knew that I needed to have my friend Lauren model for me. And we made the coolest fucking art together. 

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Renegade Rho Cosplay // Genderbend Ash Cosplay Portrait Session // Winter Park, FL

A few days ago I met up with Rho again for another cosplay shoot, and this time around she did a genderbend Ash from Pokemon! This was a first time for both of us where we directed (most of the direction was by Rho) and worked on a cosplay music video. I'm stoked on the music video, along with the photos and a cute gif!

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Cara + San Frank // Portrait & Couples Session // Ormond Beach, FL

Forever feeling so thankful to know and be friends with genuine creatives. Cara & San Frank were kind enough to assist me on a shoot for a cinemagraph music video, so after we shot what I needed we just kept on shooting. Love these two. 

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Cara + Ashlee // Portrait Session // Ormond Beach, FL

Can't ya tell I really love the color pink? I originally ordered this backdrop to use for promos for a band, but that band broke up and I still wanted to put it to good use. Cara and I had spoke about doing a shoot, and so I thought it would be perfect for us to experiment with it! 

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