Good hangs with a band called flor: part i // Moran Theater // Jacksonville, FL

Okay. Wow. Where to begin? In 2015, I saw flor for the first time when they opened up for Halsey in Orlando. I instantly fell in love with the band and ever since then I've been following them on social media and keeping up with like everything that they do. They're the kind of band that is basically my ideal client. I love their music, their style and aesthetic, their creative vision, and how much they appreciate art and good content. 

Back in June, Dylan from flor reached out to me and asked if I had any interest in covering one or all of their Florida dates with Paramore. Not gonna lie, I had already started shaking with excitement when I read the subject "flor/paramore - florida dates." Then when I read "Personally reaching out to you because I really dig your work. If you're interested I'll connect you with our manager to talk budget and work from there!" I started tearing up. At the time, I had been struggling with a lot of personal things going on in my life. Financial problems, family stuff, not feeling good enough when it came to my art, struggling to find consistent gigs, etc. But this email gave me hope, and once everything was confirmed I had something to look forward to. 

Fast forward to September 6th, this was the first Florida date of the tour. My boyfriend, Chase, drove me up to Jacksonville to meet up with the guys in flor and on the whole ride there, my anxiety was starting to build up. I had a feeling that the Miami and Orlando shows were going to get cancelled due to hurricane Irma, and not too long after arriving at the venue, we all found out that they were definitely getting cancelled and rescheduled. šŸ˜­

PSA: Irma sucks. But, hey, overall we still had a great day and I'm super thankful for even having the opportunity to work with flor, even if only for a little while. So thank you, flor, for welcoming me into your lil fam for a bit and allowing me to stick my camera in your faces for two days.

Below you can view some photos + gifs from my first day with flor šŸŒø


behind the scenes


sound check


live show